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We provide 100% reliable web services to our customers. Our user-friendly Control Panel (now in it's 6th year of operation) makes it easy to setup your web folder & email accounts. You can do it or we can take care of it for you! If your current "provider" isn't offering you a Control Panel, it might be a good time to switch to a hosting company that uses current technologies. Our services include webmail, email, dns, and lots of extras. Two of our hosting packages are shown below. Ordering is very easy, just choose the one that's right for you, or email us at You get hosting services that are Fast, Focused, and Reliable.

Special Offer: Go with the Annual Rate and save over 15%!

Save more & eliminate monthly bills by paying just once per year. We give you 2 months free if you choose to go with the annual plan; 12 months for the price of 10; just $169.50 for a full year with NO SETUP CHARGES


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  • Setup Fee: NONE!
  • 50 MB of Disk Space
  • 1 GB of Data Traffic
  • CGI-BIN Resource
  • Front Page
  • PHP Module
  • Server Side Include
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • Forwards, Responders, Alias
  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • Stats including Webalizer
  • MySQL, IP, and Virtual FTP
  • SiteStudio to create your site
  • Control Panel to manage it all

Unix Plan Features!

UNIX Plan uses the latest in UNIX and Linux technologies including the most up-to-date versions of RedHat, Apache, MySQL, & PHP. This is hosted in our ultra-high bandwidth super-secure data center.


  • Setup Fee: NONE!
  • 50 MB of Disk Space
  • 1 GB of Data Traffic
  • ASP.NET and ASP Resource
  • Front Page
  • PHP Module
  • Server Side Include
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • Forwards, Responders, Alias
  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • Stats including Webalizer
  • MySQL and ODBC Service
  • SiteStudio to create your site
  • Control Panel to manage it all

Windows Plan Features!

Windows Plan uses Windows Servers running on multiple redundant OC-3 fiber connections to multiple Tier-1 providers. MS-SQL, ASP, .NET, and more. Super reliability you need for 100% uptime.


Used Gear

Looking for quality
used gear?  Our Parts
Department might 
have what you need.

Want a game server or
a reliable system for 
your business?  We 
might have it for you.

I need MORE! Don't see what you want here? That's OK, this is just a sample. Tell us what you want. We can tailor an account specific to your needs. Our flexibility and service means you don't have to settle for one-size-fits-all.

We also offer Managed Hosting, Virtual Private Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting packages. E-Mail us your specifications and a sales representative (with some technical chops) will help you get started.

612-643-3535     612-643-3535

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The Power of BorderBound Networks working for You and Your Business.

Network Services The BorderBound managed network provides our customers with fully redundant, high speed, state-of-the-art network access and the added benefit of working through BorderBound, your single vendor for systems, managed services, and connectivity.

Data/Colocation Center We ensure a secured environment established to comply with the strict requirements of both Data and Telco Grade facilities. Each center provides UPS and diesel generator power backup, redundant HVAC systems, environmental monitoring, double detection pre-action fire suppression.

Connectivity BorderBound provides connections to multiple backbones to ensure the fastest possible delivery of data to your end-users. Our network utilizes high-speed switched Ethernet and we connect with multiple tier-1 upstream providers for redundancy and optimal routing of your traffic.

Multi-Homed Network We provide transit from a number of backbone providers to ensure users receive the fastest access to your Web site and fast packet return delivery.

BGP4 - Routed Network We employ the standard Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) in our network to ensure that data is routed via best case routing. Each packet of information is evaluated and sent over the best possible route. In the event of a router failure, packets are automatically directed to another route in our redundant network architecture.

Guaranteed Packet Delivery BorderBound offers superior reliability of data by guaranteeing minimal packet loss in the network. We work with our network providers to ensure that all packets leave our network at the highest contracted speeds and delivered to end-users.

Bandwidth Utilization Our networks are designed to ensure excess capacity exists even in peak operating hours. We demand that excess bandwidth be the norm, even during the largest traffic spikes. We continue to add new connectivity/routes to ensure that this excess is retained and your content is sent to your end-users as efficiently as possible.

Network Providers Our Network Providers are also our Technology Partners. They work with us to establish best-of-breed services for our network access, and they provide carrier services to our colocation customers. We have selected tier-1 upstream providers that deliver peering access for optimal routing.

Operating System Flexibility We recognize that different platforms excel in different applications and hosting. We have developed expertise in multiple platforms to allow customers to select the platform that meets their performance and budget needs. Customers can select from Microsoft Windows NT, Linux, or FreeBSD.

Web Monitoring and Performance Testing We offer Web monitoring and performance testing as an option to our customers. This testing includes stress and load testing to ensure your online business can handle projected traffic, scalability, and performance expectations. Web monitoring gives you critical insights into the performance of your online transactions, your Web pages, and your media streams.

Scalability Scale your server configurations to the needs of your business. Outsourcing your infrastructure allows you to start small, with only the hardware you require, and build your network as your needs grow. And yet, you benefit from the amenities of a large data center with high-speed network access.

Industry Leading SLA We provide best-in-industry performance guarantees on uptime, network speed, and reliability by way of minimal packet loss.

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Switch to BorderBound. Right now. We'll give you 100% network uptime, 100% technical support, 100% customer service, and 110% effort. 24 / 7. Click on the Order link and the easy-to-use Control Panel will guide you the rest of the way. You can reach us anytime at We'll help you get on the right track. Refer another business and get additional discounts. Email us for details.


We use reliable technologies, continuously updated and secure!

612-643-3535     612-643-3535
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Domain Hosting, Web Hosting, Email Services, all at a great value. We use current technologies, superior data centers, and excellent service to keep our clients sites up and their email reliable. Low customer turnover means we focus on the latest and the best.

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